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Let’s Talk About the ASPCA’s Lies & Their Gentle Killer Pit Bull

The ASPCA has been caught promoting a killer pit bull as “gentle” but they won’t take down their lie because they figure their megaphone is bigger than mere pit bull attack victims’ screams. They’re right about that, and their inaction proves that they are absolutely willing to lie to promote pit bulls and they do not care that their propaganda is killing our pets. At All.

Biscotti Was Killed By a Pit Bull the ASPCA deemed "Gentle"
Biscotti's owner doesn't want Biscotti's death to be in vain
She wants pit bull regulation

The ASPCA got in on one of pit bull propagandists most favorite tropes - the police officer called to a scene with reports of a vicious or abused pit bull, and then finding to their delight that said pit bull is really a cream puff. The pit bull and the officer bond so fast and hard that the police officer has to take it home and make it his or hers. There are several of these stories going around interspersed much more common stories of police officers shooting and killing pit bulls that are charging at them.
Baltimore Cops Love Them Stray Pit Bulls.
The Humane Society Loves Them Cops

The ASPCA’s cop is NYPD officer Joshua Sailor who responded to a complaint on September 30, 2016 that a dog had been barking for days. A pit bull owner had tied up his pit in a foot wide space between a door and a screen door for days with no food or water and the neighbors finally called because of the barking.

It was love at first sight for Officer Sailor and Maryann the abused pit bull. He rushed the pit to the ASPCA Animal Hospital where it stayed for a week before Officer Sailor renamed the pit bull Mila and took it home to his apartment in a building that doesn’t allow dogs. But never fear, Officer Sailor was given a special exception and was allowed to keep his new pit bull there because he and Mila are…special.
It was once believed that tutus and flower headbands made pit bulls safe
Sadly, that has turned out to be a another myth - Meet Mila the ASPCA's Gentle Killer
The ASPCA made propaganda hay out of Officer Sailor and Mila. In January 2017, the ASPCA featured Sailor and Mila on a their “news” page in a story entitled “An Officer and a Gentle-Dog: Maryann’s Touching Rescue” in which is described the heart warming rescue and the ASPCA special luncheon held on December 13th honoring Sailor and other NYPD officers for helping animals.

And then the unthinkable predictable happened. A little over six months after Officer Sailor rescued Mila, Mila dug under a fence, ran into the neighbor’s yard and fatally mauled a pekingese/beagle mix named Biscotti. Biscotti was leashed in his own yard. He was going potty and completely unaware of the existence of the pit bull when it fatally mauled him right in front of his owner.

“Biscotti was just squatting down and this white image came out of the woods in the back of our yard and tackles him, completely unprovoked,” said Biscotti’s owner, Louise. “(Mila) slaps him down on his back and begins shaking him. She was peeling away her ear like an artichoke.”

Biscotti suffered with horrible damage for a couple days before he passed away. Biscotti had gotten his owner, Louise, through kidney cancer and breast cancer. She doesn’t want his death to be in vain. She wants laws that protect her community from pit bulls.

Mila the pit bull was staying with Officer Sailor’s girlfriend who co-owns the pit at the time it escaped to kill Biscotti. According to a neighbor, the pit bull was working with a trainer at least once a week. (Sounds like someone’s dear pit bull was having behavior problems) When asked about the attack, the ASPCA said that they weren’t aware of the attack and besides, they hadn’t provided any “post-adoption behavior consultation for this animal.” But now that they’ve been apprised of the mauling, the ASPCA hasn’t edited or removed its propaganda piece about the “gentle” pit bull that they now know is a killer.

Post Script:
This is not the only police-officer-saves-pit-bull story that doesn’t end well for innocent neighboring animals.

In 2013 Officer Grandchamp answered a vicious dog call and ended up adopting the pit bull. Pit bull advocates ate up his story as he told people to not judge pit bulls. Then his pit bull attacked a pony in the pony’s own barn. Read about it HERE.

Sunday, January 15, 2017


RE:  SB 5904:

Dear Senate Local Government Committee chair Brian Dansel:

    Please oppose SB 5094! 
    If passed,  SB 5094 would prevent Washington cities and towns from effectively preventing fatal and disfiguring dog attacks before they happen,  by preventing communities from adopting legislation pertaining specifically to pit bulls,  pit mixes,  and a few closely related breeds,  cumulatively less than 7% of the U.S. dog population,  but responsible nonetheless for more than 80% of all dog-inflicted fatal and disfiguring injuries.

    We are Washington residents and voters since 1996. 

    I am a journalist and statistician,  working on news beats pertaining to animals,  public health,  and occupational safety for more than 45 years.  My wife Beth is a former police officer,  animal control officer,  veterinary technician,  and pit bull rescuer.

    Since 1982 we have logged and analyzed fatal and disfiguring dog attacks throughout the U.S. and Canada,  more recently adding logs specific to India,  the United Kingdom,  and South Africa.  In every nation the data is strikingly similar:  pit bulls,  pit mixes,  pit variants such as the “American bully,”  and closely related breeds such as the bull mastiff,  Presa Canario,  Dogo Argentino,  and Fila Brasiliero account for 80%-plus of fatal and disfiguring attacks.  This is no surprise,  because historically these breeds have been bred specifically for fighting,  and farther back ancestrally,  to guard slaves and wage war.

    You may read the latest data pertaining to dog attacks on humans,  complete through 2016,  when 91% of human death and disfigurement victims were injured by pit bulls,  at:

    The complete statistics,  1982-present,  showing that over the past 34 years,  88% of the human victims of fatal or disfiguring dog attacks were injured by pit bulls and  their closest canine relatives,  are here:

    The data pertaining to dog attacks on other animals,  2013-present,  showing that 87% of the dogs who kill or badly injure other animals are pit bulls,  are here:

    A considerable volume of related information about dog attacks is here:

    Finally,  let me call to your attention a table which appears at the very end of the data logs,  1982-present:

    Pit bull & pit mix attack trends,  1982-present

* The 1992 data line represents the first 10 years of data collection:

       in attacks

      Running       Running      Running      Running      Running
       total  YEAR   total  YEAR  total  YEAR  total  YEAR  total  YEAR

1992*   105            45           60          18            38

2002    732    86     347   45     248   22     62    6      395   54
2003    860   128     397   50     304   56     75   13      466   71
2004    939    79     435   38     330   26     83    8      504   38
2005   1083   144     496   61     370   40     97   14      585   81
2006   1197   114     525   29     417   47    111   14      648   63
2007   1275    78     555   30     440   23    124   13      685   37
2008   1401   126     596   41     476   37    138   14      739   54
2009   1563   162     669   73     527   51    162   24      832   93
2010   1808   245     779  110     607   80    191   29      974  142
2011   2103   295     881  102     718  111    214   23     1172  198
2012   2394   291     971   90     850  132    245   32     1353  181
2013   2966   572    1187  214    1090  240    275   30     1760  407
2014   3569   603    1451  264    1369  279    307   32     2211  451
2015   4217   648    1660  209    1723  354    341   34     2670  459
2016   4969   752    1901  241    2074  351    366   25     3255  585

    The Best Friends Animal Society,  American Veterinary Medical Association,  and ASPCA introduced their ongoing campaigns to repeal breed-specific legislation between 1992 and 2001.  Note that the numbers of fatal and disfiguring pit bull attacks on humans have been higher in every year since 2002 than in the entire decade 1982-1992.

    The Humane Society of the U.S. joined them in 2008.  Since then,  the total number of pit bulls involved in fatal and disfiguring attacks each year has increased nearly tenfold,  the number of child victims per year is up nearly fivefold,  the number of adult victims per year has increased nearly tenfold,  there were record numbers of fatalities in five out of nine years,  and the number of disfigurements per year has increased eleven times over.

    Again,  please oppose SB 5094!

    Thank you,

Merritt & Beth Clifton


Merritt & Beth Clifton, editors
POB 101,  Greenbank,  WA  98253

Cell: 360-969-0450
Landline: 360-678-1057

Information service to the humane community worldwide since 1986. 
Your generous donations make our work possible.

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A word, from the Ninja

Kentucky, USA - December 2016.

A family man loses his little friend Spot the Boston Terrier to Pit Bull attack. These are his words. Keeping his name and details private, as he has attracted a lot of hatred and ignorance from Pit Bull owners and advocates, to the point where his original post has been removed.

Please share this story; don't let Spot die in vain. Give Spot and ALL who perish in the jaws of Pit Bulls BACK to the world in the only way possible - post their names and their stories, so that they can save other lives, even though they lost their own.


"Today I have to bury my little best friend Spot.

My neighbor's Pit Bull attacked him yesterday and unfortunately I was not close enough to be able to help my little buddy out. I have had him just shy of 3 years and would never imagined it ending this way. Most people know me know that I would just assume talk to my dog as to talk to a human being.
I never have liked or will I ever like the Pit Bull breed due to the nature of them and how they can do something like this to another dog or human being. I say kill them all they aren't good for nothing.

Wasn't a night that didn't go by that Spot didn't beat me to bed with his Sponge Bob toy and always laying on my pillow as if he was saying this is his spot to sleep, and he was my alarm clock at 630 each morning as he would wake me wanting to play.

Anytime that I worked, Spot worked too, from riding tractors to tagging along in the truck cutting grass - he was always with me.

Now I have to explain to a 4 year old that Spot isn't here no more and she is no longer his mommy, as she liked to pretend.

If there is such thing as doggy Heaven, I hope you and little Bubba (my other Boston terrier) are playing and having a blast.

So long little buddy - daddy sure loved you and is gonna miss you more than you will ever know."


Pit Bulls' kill dogs. That is what WE designed them to do. Now, we have banned their 'work' in all States. Now, they are redirecting onto us, our pets, our livestock and upon wildlife.

Peace to little Spot, and to all who grieve the loss of their pets, their children, their relatives, their neighbors, their friends, and their own good health BECAUSE OF PIT BULLS.

Spot before pit bull

Spot after pit bull

* the uber positive and politically correct facebook would not allow this man to grieve the loss of his dog. they claimed his photos violated their delicate community standards and deleted his post.